All that is new is, by that fact, inherently traditional.
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    New Spectacles. Thoughts? adorbs, as per usual.
  2. formidableopponents said: They look a touch too small for your face, but if you love it, roll with it.
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  4. ahitinsweden said: OMG
  5. thespoonybard said: me gusta
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  7. teeter-dance said: a lil too round for me, but they look good on you :D
  8. tan-the-man said: Awesome and I wish I could get my hair to do what yours is, haha
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  10. huffandstuff said: very nice
  11. jesus--walks said: I just saw these on a fashion blog and you are gay and I love you. But honestly, I’m not crazy about them.
  12. itsjustmikee said: very smart looking even tho you look great with anything ;)
  13. ursius said: Looking good.
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